Compact Cars That Are Perfect For New Drivers

When buying a car for a new driver, many families want a car that is fuel efficient and includes safety features. For someone with no driving experience, the best option is often a small car with good handling and safety features such as a backup camera, lane departure warning, blind-spot detection, and AES (Automatic Emergency Braking) systems.

With standard safety features and fuel-efficient engines, choosing a car comes down to style, functionality, and ease of maintenance. Beginning drivers will have a lot to focus on while driving, so a vehicle that is low-maintenance is a good option until they gain more driving experience.

For a beginning driver, the best type of car is going to be one with the least amount of maintenance and one that is easy to drive. A first car should be one that you fall in love with and keep for the next 10 years. Everyone remembers their first car because it was probably a used car, and they saved for months to buy it. When shopping for a car, the choice should be based on ease of use and how much you like it. A compact car is good for drivers with little to no experience because they tend to be easy to maneuver and can fit in small parking spaces without much effort.

Keeping with the theme of compact or small-size cars, here are 5 of the best cars for beginning drivers:

Ford Fiesta

The 2019 Ford Fiesta is compact in size and efficient on fuel. It is also good at maneuvering into small spaces and getting around town pretty easily. The interior is smooth and modern in striking colors, and there is plenty of seating room for 2 to 4 people. The Ford brand is well-known for its dependability and this model is agile and fun to drive. It’s a great car for driving to and from work every day or taking short trips out of town on the weekends.

What Makes it Great?

  • A four-cylinder engine with 120 horsepower
  • Sleek and attractive body style
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fuel-efficient system with 31mpg
  • Sony Sound System

Toyota Corolla

Toyota has a good track record when it comes to reliability. Corollas typically have very few recalls or problems associated with manufacturing. They also tend to be very low-maintenance vehicles. Built with a fuel-efficient engine, the Corolla gets between 30 and 42 miles per gallon, depending on traffic and city driving. What makes it a good choice for new drivers is that it is priced affordably and has earned a five-star overall crash test safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Why a Toyota Corolla?

  • Safe and reliable
  • Good overall value
  • Great gas mileage
  • Roomy interior with lots of leg room
  • Customizable colors

Volkswagen Golf

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf sports an attractive hatchback design with a panoramic sunroof, and LED lighting for daytime running lights and tail lights. It’s a great first car for new drivers because it is easy to drive and low-maintenance, as well as being fuel -efficient with 29 MPG in the city and 37 MPG on the highway. Despite its small size, it is surprisingly roomy with plenty of space to store your belongings without taking up much room. Volkswagens have always been a safe, reliable choice for new drivers. It is probably one of the best cars ever made, which is why it is still popular today.

What Makes the Volkswagen Golf a Good Choice?

  • Compact design - small and reliable
  • Roomy with lots of storage
  • Wide choice of engines
  • Front or all-wheel drive
  • Great handling and fun to drive
  • Advanced back-up camera (extra-wide lens)

Fiat 500

The 2018 Fiat 500 is an economic choice that is also a pleasure to drive. A manual engine consumes less gas and will help you stay on point with your budget. The compact size is perfect for fitting into small parking spaces and maneuvering tight corners on city streets and country roads. It is sleek and stylish for a modern crowd and gets good gas mileage in the city and on the highway. If you want an attractive car that helps you save money, this is it.

What Makes it a Good Choice?

  • The manual engine gets 31 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway
  • Affordably priced for small to medium budgets
  • Comes with six-speaker Alpine audio system
  • Available in manual, automatic, and electric model
  • The small wheelbase is able to fit in small, narrow spaces

Mercedes-Benz A Class

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz A class is a combination of style and function. The sleek body style keeps with the classic Mercedes look, but in a slightly smaller package. The interior is stylish as well with leather seats and impressive dashboard features. It carries on the luxury associated with its name but in a smaller version. It’s comfortable and easy to drive and resembles other similar sports car models.

Why a Mercedes-Benz A class?

  • It is the smallest version of German engineering in this range
  • Has an impressive infotainment system
  • Wide choice of engines and trim levels
  • Fuel-efficient engines
  • Sleek, attractive look
  • High-tech features, touchscreens, etc.
  • Available in gas and electric -powered models

Buying your first car is exciting, but do not overlook important factors when purchasing a used vehicle. It may take a bit more time, but it is worth it to check out the vehicle thoroughly before laying out your hard-earned money. Insist on a test drive so you can see how it handles and maneuvers around corners and small spaces. This also allows you to hear the engine shifting and may alert you to any unknown problems.

Another tip is to check the car’s history by asking the dealer to provide you with a free Carfax report for any car you are interested in buying. It’s good to know what experiences the car’s previous owners had with it. This will also tell you if it has been in any accidents in the past.

Buying a used car doesn't always mean ending up with a lemon, or someone else’s problems. Take the time to research and investigate the car you want to buy to avoid any issues and drive home with a car you will love.

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