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VIN is a summary that represents the vehicle's ID number. It includes 17 characters with numbers and letters. Every car manufactured for sale in Arizona since 1980 must have this number. The code is constructed and stamped on the non-removable parts of the car by the manufacturer. You can find this code in the following areas of your car.

Under windshield, in the lower corner on the driver's side, there is no need to open the hood for the code to be visible.

  • On the driver's door, it’s typically printed on a sticker.
  • On the car’s insurance card, be sure to always compare the code on the card with the one on the car.
  • Title and registration of the vehicle.

If you are planning to buy a car, you can use the Arizona VIN lookup service on this website for free. You can also visit your nearest DMV office in Arizona, but it will take longer than using this online tool. You can use the code of any car, motorcycle, truck or trailer without permission from the owner. Use of the online service is confidential, so no one will know about it.

With an online VIN check, you can gain the following facts about any car or bike:

  • Engine type, cylinder number, and fuel type.
  • Safety equipment, belt and airbags information.
  • Details about other technical indicators provided by the manufacturer.

You can understand the code for yourself by searching the meaning of each symbol. For example, the first three letters represent the manufacturer, the model, and the production country. The following numbers represent the technical specs of the vehicle. The ninth symbol is a check digit that will tell the online VIN check whether the code you provided is valid or not. Searching for the meaning of all symbols takes a lot of time and effort while using online tools is very easy and not so time-consuming.

Arizona VIN Number History

Another thing you can learn about a car or bike when you get a VIN code is its history. You will see a complete report on the past of the car you are interested in. You will know about accidents and repairs if there are any. You can read the following data about the car or bicycle’s past with the help of Arizona VIN number lookup:

  • Today’s title details and past title details. You can find out if the vehicles were used as a taxi, a police car, or a rental.
  • Details of any flood, rescue facts, odometer rollbacks.
  • Odometer reading history. Every time a car was registered in the Arizona area, data from the odometer was kept.
  • Previous registration. You will see the dates and places where the car was registered.
  • Details about road accidents. Driving a car safely is questionable after the worst road accidents.
  • History of natural disasters that damaged vehicles.
  • Details about any liens and loans if any. You should make sure everything is paid.

Knowing the VIN code has a great advantage compared to visual inspection of a car. It can help you to buy a safe car and save you time on unnecessary activities such as meeting with car owners who can give you a car or a bike after a complete repair or after a flood. Using an online check is free and has no limit on the number of checks.

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