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Each truck is manufactured with a 17-character vehicle identification number. This code is similar to human DNA because no two codes are alike. A trade VIN test can give you facts about the past life of a truck in the form of a report. You can find out if the car has ever been damaged, repaired, crashed on the road or off the road. You will see how many miles have passed since the day of the manufacture also.

Checking the truck’s VIN number is very important because it can save you from being scammed or buying a faulty truck. You can find the VIN on the registration card, on the non-removable parts of the truck, and on the corner of the front window on the driver's side. You do not need to open the hood to see it. If you notice any damage to the code, you should use a flashlight to check it. Some dealers change the code for stolen trucks, so you should be careful. You can use a flashlight to carefully scan every inch of code to make sure it is stamped by the manufacturer.

There are a couple of states in the US where you are obliged to pay a historical report if you want to buy a used truck. If you do not live in one of these provinces, you can order a free VIN check. It is a great opportunity to take one or more truck items without wasting your money. If you choose one to buy, you can get a full VIN check and make sure there are no dark features in the history of this car.

Truck History with VIN

Before you buy, you must order a truck history with VIN. The datasheet you receive is a readable text that you can view on the screen or print for easy use. You can find the following facts about the car:

  • You can see who holds the current tuck title and the latest details from the odometer reading too.
  • Details of any liens or loans on the truck. You must get proof that the loan has been repaid or you will have to do this yourself.
  • Miles. You will see how many miles have passed before the latest registration in your region.
  • You will find details of the registration of the truck, the place where it was registered for the first time, and for all future occasions.
  • Facts about all accidents that have occurred on or off the road. There will be similar information after car accidents and other natural disasters.

The information you get from this report is very important every time you plan to buy a used truck. Visual inspection of a car cannot give you full details about how safe it will be to drive. If you want to sell the truck, ordering a full VIN check can help you sell it in no time. The buyer will see that the truck's history is good and will buy it at the price you want. However, there may be facts you do not know if you are not the first owner. In the event of accidents or damage in the past, you will need to make the price lower and explain to the consumer why.

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